Wish List


Short Term Equipment Needs:

 Approximate cost:
Commercial Rice Cooker
48 cu ft.Glass Front Commercial Freezer
Commercial Convection Oven
 New and/or Used Bicycles
$ varies
 New and/or Used Lockers
$ varies

Immediate Employment Needs:

Shepherd's Hand has no employed staff. It would be desirable to have one full-time staff person to be onsite covering the hours the center is open. A job description would include:  training and supervising volunteers, monitoring and reporting on programs and services, ordering food, overseeing the preparation and serving of meals and maintaining and cleaning the facility.

Long Term Goals:

A facility which is owned by Shepherd's Hand for use not only as a Day Center but a place to house homeless overnight during cold weather. This facility should be located in the northwest part of town which will give access to most of the individuals and families needing services. In order to accomplish this goal, Shepherd's Hand will need access to grant and local, state and federal government funding.